MaiOwn! Hair – NEW colors


MaiOwn! – New colors

I have some updates on MaiOwn! to tell!

I’ve been working on new textures and colors for the past months which I’ve finally come to finish putting together! Some old colors remain intact and others have been completely replaced!

You can take a peek of a few notable colors sample pictures on my Plurk page or try them on yourself, either on Marketplace or In World!

Each pack has been retouched in one way or another. The least modified pack is Blondes in which only the lightest tone has been retouched while the entire packs of russets and pastels have been replaced.

I added extra shine for a more glossy effect on certain colors, notably for the new pack entitled “Ondines” (due to it’s fantasy-aquamarine-like colors) and Pastels!

It’s now time to work on new hairstyles!

NB: Our Marketplace has been put up to date, styles are purchasable and old ones that were made in a different technique or that have old texture/colors are sold at a special discount (250L for a fatpack)


Fish goes blub!

Caught You...Credits:

Hat: !Ohmai Salon: Callia Hat

Hair: Clawtooth: Pink Flamingos

Necklace: (Yummy) Magic Hour Pendant

Blouse: Zaara : [Mesh] Ashima Blouse *ivory*

Pants: {mon tissu} Balcon Lounge Pants ~ Goldenrod

Fishes: !Ohmai: Bloopie Goldfish (White and Gold)

Fish bowl: Detached from “!Ohmai: A Boy & His Pet Fish Gold Statue”

Much love xx ❤

Spring Awakening!

Spring Embers                                                                        Hello to everyone,

I’m finally back after a long break from blogging…

To set the record straight on time, I’ve designed and released a few more hairstyles back in 2014 after my last one published here (including two for Rhapsody, one for Summer’s Season Story and three for the annual Hairfair which I will probably be part of again this year!).

I haven’t been able nor had the inspiration to do more since then for various RL reasons which are now resolved for the most part! That means good news! I am currently full of inspiration and aspire to do as much as I can in the upcoming months! The amount of what I will be able to accomplish will only depend on the time I’ll be given which I hope will be enough!

Anyhow, I am currently working on renewing some of my textures and creating buildings for a project related to my store! I’ve had the time to learn about Maya and it’s all extremely exciting for me! I might give you a few sneak peeks in future posts.

I felt like doing a picture the other day while taking a little break! I forgot how much fun these were!

Spring is here… ♡


Hair: [kik]hair-Lauretta (White blonde)

Dress: *{Junbug}* Vivaldi [Blush]

Necklace: (Yummy) Magic Hour Pendant

Flower Crown: . Liquence . – Flower Crown

NB: I have made a new Flickr account for MaiOwn! related updates ONLY! Subscribe to it here if you wish.

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